2015 Page One Awards: What the Ledger-Enquirer Didn’t Tell You


If you didn’t get a chance to go to the 2015 Page One Awards, you missed something special.  At some point in your life, you’ve probably had an extraordinary teacher you remember as the best teacher you ever had.  I’m speaking about the educator that made such an impact you still talk about them whenever the topic of most influential people in your life comes up.  I hope that you also had the opportunity to socialize with classmates who were equally unique.  The ones that had energy and passion so contagious, you could feel it when they were near.

You could feel it

Last night, May 5, 2015, in the Bill Heard theatre at the River Center for the Performing Arts you could feel that type of energy.  No wonder, the region’s top Teachers and students were there.  The 40th Annual Page One Awards was a gathering to recognize the best among them in the Chattahoochee Valley area.

Image of the 2015 Page One Awards Program

The Program Cover


to all the nominees, the runners up and especially the winners of the 13 Categories as well as the Sara Spano Top Teacher.  Listening to all of their accomplishments was an amazingly uplifting experience.  Individually, they’ve done so much at their young ages it boggles the mind.  Collectively, they were so impressive there’s little doubt they’ll have a positive impact on our future.

What They Didn’t Say

Below you’ll find a link to the detailed story on Ledger-Enquirer’s website.  What you won’t find in the story though, is just how great a job they and their sponsor Columbus Regional Health did.  Rodney Mahone, President and Publisher along with the rest of the Ledger-Enquirer team, made it an amazing event.

Every detail, from the greeting at the door to the organized exit made it an extremely positive experience I would love to repeat.  The seating, arrangements and visuals on stage, the music provided by Jordan High School Band, the organization of the program and the presentation all contributed to make it a memorable evening.

Thank you Ledger-Enquirer and Columbus Regional Health

You’ve always known the Ledger-Enquirer as one of your favorite news sources, what you may not have known is just how much they give back to our community and how good they are at it.  They are in the same league as the top students and educators they presented the awards to last night.  It is truly fitting that the best in their field were the ones to present the awards.  Thank you to the team at the Ledger-Enquirer and their sponsors at Columbus Regional for all they do, on and off the job.

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