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At Columbus GA Buzz, you can write posts about anything going on around Columbus, share information about events, local businesses, restaurants, things to do, or places to visit.  Comment on other’s posts and connect with others who love the Columbus area.

Business owners, you can add your business to the directory, then write a quick post telling folks who you are and what your business does.  Link it back to your website or social media pages and I’ll probably share your post across CGB’s social media channels giving your business additional exposure and inbound links.

Hi, I’m Chris, Marine, retired Soldier, certified Inbound Marketing professional, web developer in training and creator of’

You knew this was coming.  I love people, animals, the outdoors, nature in general, get togethers and cookouts.  I’m passionate about enjoying life in the Tri-Cities (Columbus, Fort Benning and Phenix City) area.  There now, that didn’t hurt did it?

Relatives visited a few years ago and had the unmitigated gall to ask us, “What is there to do here?”  How dare they come to visit and want to do something besides sit around.

The effort of trying to find something to do for their entertainment was an enlightening experience.  Until that point, I hadn’t paid attention to the vibrant life that surrounded us.  The process of getting an answer to the question sparked enthusiasm that grew into the passion I have for this area.  People are great and there’s always something to do.  Columbus has a small-town, warm and friendly kind of heart with a big city pulse.

If you happen upon this site while planning a visit to Columbus, the best place to get information is  They have a beautiful, well designed, user friendly and informative website with an interactive visitor’s guide and a mobile app.

Hope to see you having a great time somewhere around town.