Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights

Image of Callaway Gardens Jolley Trolley

Friends introduced us to the splendor that is Callaway Gardens a few years ago when they invited us to experience Fantasy in Lights.  We rode the open-air Jolley Trolley on a chilly winter evening to view what we thought would be a typical light holiday display.  We were wrong!  Fantasy in Lights is a holiday light show that goes far beyond local or regional notoriety.  National Geographic named it as one of the world’s “Top 10 Places to See Holiday Lights,”  I know right?

Callaway’s website states “8 million lights, 15 dazzling scenes, 1 magical night.”  I’m not able to confirm that there are 8 million lights, but in my opinion the 15 dazzling scenes and the magical night part is a truthful depiction.

It wasn’t just the lights and the sounds of the show.  It was the whole experience.  Imagine snuggling with your spouse, riding in a trolley, you can see your breath, but you hardly notice it because you’re so fascinated by the other things you see, hear and feel.  Imagine joyful giggles, expressions of excitement on tiny faces, the oo’s and ahs of friends and strangers accompanying you.  The holiday spirit quickly overtakes you as you ride through one amazing scene after another.  It is incredible.

Did I mention we had a great night?  I hope all of you are able to see what all the buzz is about.  If you want more information, follow the links to the Callaway website.  I’ve posted a link under events and there’s one to Callaway under attractions.

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