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What Is Columbus GA Weather Like

One of the most asked questions from newcomers and visitors is “What’s Columbus GA weather like?” If you’re planning to move here and want an idea of what to expect, we’ll talk about that a little below the current weather feeds. Because finding accurate weather forecasts is important to making decisions when planning your activities or choosing which events to attend, we’ve put a few links here for your convenience. One of my favorite sources of information to make my decisions is the Weather Underground. Below the feed you can click on the Weather Underground icon to find a detailed forecast.

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Columbus GA Weather Rundown

So you’re looking for Columbus GA weather information and you want to know what Columbus GA weather is like? Well, first summers are hot, winters are mild, and spring and fall are great. What do I mean by hot? Typically, the three hottest months are June, July and August. The average high is probably around 91⁰F with a few days of temperatures hovering in the upper 90’s and occasionally above 100. There is often high humidity to go with it.

If you’re happy to escape harsh winters for a while, I have great news for you, but if you’re hoping for white Christmases, well you may be in for a bit of a disappointment. The three coldest months are December, January and February. Average low for the three months is probably between 38⁰F and 39⁰F, but it does occasionally snow. Some days may fall below freezing, but it usually only lasts a few days. The average high during those same three months is close to 60⁰F.

Best Thing About Columbus GA Weather?

The best thing about Columbus GA weather is that it almost always comfortable enough to enjoy one of the many attractions or events in the area. Whether you’re just visiting or planning to live here for a while, hope you have a great time.

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