Five Most Popular Movie Theaters in Columbus, GA

Image of movie theaters Columbus, GA

There are at least five movie theaters in Columbus, GA and the Fort Benning area to choose from. Google provides a list along with movie schedules at this link, which turns up at the top of the search results.

The Best Link for Movie Theaters in Columbus GA

The Google link is great for a quick check, but personaly I prefer the Fandango Movie link because you can actually purchase tickets rather than just the typical information like schedules and trailers.

IMAX Theatre at Patriot Park

Carmike Wynnsong 10

Carmike Ritz 13

Carmike 15

Carmike Peachtree 8

There May Be a Few More Movie Theaters in Columbus, GA

This yellow pages link has a couple more listed on it, but I’ve never been to them. Not sure the information is even accurate at this point because it lists gamestop as a movie theater. I’ll check it soon enough and update this list. Other places with information are and has a new age looking website and they appear to be an affiliate or partner of Fandango. You can buy tickets for movie theaters in Columbus, GA through their links to Fandango as well. My favorite is the Fandango site, because the colors are easier on the eyes and in my opinion the information is easier to find.

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