The Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival at Callaway Gardens

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The buzz in Columbus, GA is all about the 16th annual Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival at Callaway Gardens.  Starting Friday August 29th  2014 and continuing through Sunday August 31st, the festival is sure to be a great place to take the family for a celebration of the Labor Day holiday this weekend.  Live music, all the goings-on at their gorgeous Robin Lake beach, a classic car show, a 5k race and Triathlon are all part of the blueprint for another fantastic festival.  Like all of Callaway’s signature events, you can count on experiencing the perfect combination of a well-organized series of mini events with quality entertainment in an amazingly tranquil setting to form one super Labor Day festivity.

I love the intro on the Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival page of Callaway Gardens’ website

Labor Day is already an exciting time of year, with the recent start of school, the advent of football season and the feeling that autumn is right around the corner, but I especially like the way Callaway puts it on their website.  “Soar into September” is how the intro begins.  What a thrilling way to start the invitation to this weekend’s fun.

What will you enjoy most at the Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival Friday?

Will it be the balloon glow, scheduled to happen at dusk?  Maybe your favorite will be the live music.  Friday night The Regulars are on starting at 7 p.m.  You can find out more about them and their music at their website.  Of course, all of the regular activities take place throughout the day starting at 8 a.m.  Saturday and Sunday gates will open at 6 a.m.

Saturday at the Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival

There is a full schedule of activities Saturday and Sunday you’ll find the details on Callaway’s website.  The Highlights are the Balloon Launch, tethered balloon rides, the Classic Car Show, Disc Dog Demonstrations, more live music (Final Answer) and a Pyrotechnic Skydiving Demo.  Let’s not forget the beach bar if you’re so inclined.  Did I mention there was a beach involved?

The Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival closes out Sunday

The Sunday highlights are the 5K run and the Triathlon, live music by Sons-n-Britches and the closing balloon glow at dusk.  There’ll be some repeat activities of Saturday, such as the Disc Dog demonstrations and the usual daily options will also be open.  Whether you go Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or spend the entire weekend there, you’ll no doubt have an enjoyable Labor Day Weekend.


Some activities and parts of the schedule at the Sky High Hot Air Balloon festival including the balloon launches, tethered balloon rides and the pyrotechnic sky diving demo are weather dependent. There is a possibility of scattered thunderstorms starting Saturday and the potential for thunderstorms through the weekend.  Please consult the weather at and bring appropriate attire.

There is so much to do and see at Callaway and a ton of information is available.  Check out theSky High Hot Air Balloon Festival Webpage on Callaway’s website.

Callaway Gardens

17800 U. S. Hwy. 27

Pine Mountain, Georgia 31822-2000


Phone 1-800-CALLAWAY (225-5292)



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