Whitewater Columbus GA

whitewater columbus, gaGoogle Whitewater Columbus GA and at the top of the results you’ll see a web page with the title Raft Columbus, GA. The description beneath it reads: Master The Longest Urban Whitewater Course In The World! The natural flow of the Chattahoochee River through downtown Columbus, GA has been restored. Click on it and you’ll arrive at a colorful and well-designed visitcolumbusga.com mini site

Whitewater rafting, geocaching, birding and biking are all popular and challenging activities that modern adventure travelers seek. The site focuses on letting adventure vacationers know that Columbus, GA is a top destination for any of them. The folks at visitcolumbus also remembered to mention the dining and entertainment opportunities as well as hinted that there were other family adventures to explore.

Further down, on the google results list you’ll see a You Tube Video entitled Urban Whitewater Columbus, GA. It’s an excellent video set to a great tune and it gives a brief overview of the kind of fun available all within close proximity. You can view it at the title link. I first became aware of the video from this well written article by Tony Adams (tadams@ledger-enquirer.com) which appeared in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer on February 7.

I already had a very high opinion of the Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau, the visitcolumbusga.com website and the hard work these folks were doing to bring tourist dollars to Columbus. The mini site and the video were further evidence of their understanding of the market, trends and use of the internet to capture the interest of the modern traveler in a way that is highly likely to attract segments of the tourist market we previously didn’t enjoy. There are numerous examples of World Class destination marketing savvy in just those two tools of the trade and they have many more being used effectively. I have every confidence they will bring growth to the area via the tourist trade.

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